Welcome to Aidan Gill For Men, where we honor the journey of Aidan Gill and the accolades received from esteemed publications and the local press. We have been highlighted in prominent magazines such as GQ, Details, and Town & Country, and have received praise from local press in New Orleans.

Since our beginning, Aidan Gill For Men has been devoted to providing the best shaving experience to men worldwide. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction has not only earned us a devoted customer base but also recognition from media outlets globally. From being recognized as a leader in men's grooming by GQ to being hailed as a symbol of timeless elegance by Town & Country, we are truly humbled by the accolades we have received.

Beyond the glossy pages of magazines over the past decades, we have a special place in the heart of our local community in New Orleans. The local press has been incredibly supportive, highlighting our journey, growth, and dedication to excellence. As a brand that cherishes its local roots, this recognition is immensely meaningful to us. It strengthens our resolve to continue creating top-quality products and delivering exceptional services to our patrons, both locally and internationally.

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Who is Aidan Gill?

From the cobbled streets of Dublin to the vibrant energy of New Orleans, Aidan Gill's journey to revive the classic barbershop is a tale woven from dreams and determination. At 17, Aidan found his calling in barbering, sparking a mission to safeguard a male sanctuary threatened by shifting social trends and disposable razors. His shops in "The Big Easy" stand as a tribute to a bygone era, complete with antique barber chairs and the scent of vintage tonics in the air. Capturing the communal spirit of traditional barbershops, they offer more than just shaves and haircuts. They provide a place where men can escape daily pressures, sip on Irish whiskey, and even engage in the lost art of conversation. Aidan Gill for Men isn't just a grooming destination; it's an experience steeped in history, culture, and the unmistakable charm of its larger-than-life founder. Come and be a part of this rich tapestry that pays homage to the timeless rituals that make a man.

The Shop

Step into a realm of history and heritage at Aidan Gill For Men. Vintage barber chairs, antique artifacts, and rows of gleaming barber balls hint at stories waiting to be told. The wooden interiors and old-world ambiance transport you to a bygone era of men's clubs and speakeasies. Each element, from meticulously curated books to our collection of leather-bound antiques, showcases Aidan's dedication and passion for the craft. Experience a transformative haircut and the closest shave, crowned with a soothing hot towel wrap. As a finishing touch, savor a glass from our select Irish whiskeys. Depart with a refreshed spirit and an undeniable boost of confidence. Dive into an experience that's distinctly and unapologetically male at Aidan Gill For Men.

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