Gentlemen, enough. There should be no apologies.

There is no reason, whatsoever to tip-toe around the idea of being a man. To get soft. To lose your edge. To miss out on those things that make it all so interesting, exciting and rewarding. To side-step the experience, the journey – complete with all of its richness, history and access any red-blooded man could want. No sir, do not go there.

Whether it be the pursuit of adventure, giving the perfect toast or traveling, as friendships are forged and fortified – there should be no apologies. Perhaps your satisfaction comes from being an impressively strong and loving father – responsible for guiding independent beings with ideas all their own. Or for some, it’s the almost spiritual opportunity to lean back and enjoy the spoils of a 7-towel shave – knowing that what awaits is a chance to take relaxation to an even deeper level…sipping the finest Irish Whiskey. You should have it all – and there should be no apologies.

This isn’t about arrogance or losing your manners. It isn’t about defining kindness as weakness. Quite the opposite of all of this actually. It’s about digging deep to realize your full potential. Because, you know, there is a spirit of the true man. One that yearns for the best that tradition can bring. But in the same breath, expects to enjoy the advantages of today’s technology and tools.

So we say enough gentlemen. Do not apologize for wanting something better as you embrace and tackle this thing called life.


Rami Sharkey